Entries controller


Public Properties

public array $implement

implement extensions

public array $listConfig

listConfig is ListController configuration.

public string $formConfig

formConfig is FormController configuration.

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Protected Properties

protected Tailor\Classes\Blueprint\EntryBlueprint $activeSource

protected string $actionMethod

actionMethod is the action method to call

protected array $customMessages

customMessages contains default messages that you can override

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Public Methods

public actionUrl()

public actionUrl($action = null, $path = null): void

actionUrl returns a URL for this controller and supplied action.

public beforeDisplay()

public beforeDisplay(): void

public create()

public create(): void

create action

public formAfterSave()

public formAfterSave($model): void

public formBeforeSave()

public formBeforeSave($model): void

public formCreateModelObject()

public formCreateModelObject(): void

public formExtendFields()

public formExtendFields($widget): void

public formExtendModel()

public formExtendModel($model): void

public formFindModelObject()

public formFindModelObject($recordId): void

public formGetRedirectUrl()

public formGetRedirectUrl($context = null, $model = null): string 

public index()

public index(): void

index action

public index_onBulkAction()

public index_onBulkAction(): void

public listAfterReorder()

public listAfterReorder($record, $definition = null): void

public listExtendModel()

public listExtendModel($model): void

public listExtendQuery()

public listExtendQuery($query): void

public listExtendRecords()

public listExtendRecords($records): void

public listExtendRefreshResults()

public listExtendRefreshResults($filter, $result): void

listExtendRefreshResults updates bulk actions when the list changes

public listGetConfig()

public listGetConfig($definition): void

public listOverrideRecordUrl()

public listOverrideRecordUrl($record, $definition = null): void

public makeInitialState()

public makeInitialState($model): array 

public makeLangState()

public makeLangState(): void

public onChangeEntryType()

public onChangeEntryType(): void

public onCommitDraft()

public onCommitDraft($recordId = null): void

onCommitDraft is saving a draft without publishing it

public onDelete()

public onDelete($recordId = null): void

public onForceDelete()

public onForceDelete($recordId = null): void

public onRestore()

public onRestore($recordId = null): void

public onSave()

public onSave($recordId = null): void

public relationExtendManageWidget()

public relationExtendManageWidget($widget, $field, $model): void

public update()

public update($recordId = null): void

update action

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Protected Methods

protected checkSourcePermission()

protected checkSourcePermission($names = null, $throwException = true): void

protected eagerLoadRelationsForList()

protected eagerLoadRelationsForList($list, $models): void


protected findSingularModelObjectWithFallback()

protected findSingularModelObjectWithFallback(): void

protected getPrimaryModel()

protected getPrimaryModel(): void

protected hasSourcePermission()

protected hasSourcePermission($names = null): void

protected isSectionActive()

protected isSectionActive($section): bool 

protected isSectionDraftable()

protected isSectionDraftable(): bool 

protected isSectionMultisite()

protected isSectionMultisite(): bool 

protected isSectionSingular()

protected isSectionSingular(): bool 

protected isSectionStructured()

protected isSectionStructured(): bool 


protected isSectionVersionable()

protected isSectionVersionable(): bool 

protected makeBlueprintSource()

protected makeBlueprintSource($activeSource = null): void 

protected prepareAjaxResponseVars()

protected prepareAjaxResponseVars(): void

protected prepareVars()

protected prepareVars(): void

protected setNavigationContext()

protected setNavigationContext(): void

protected setPageTitleFromMessage()

protected setPageTitleFromMessage($message, $defaultMessage = 'Tailor'): void


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