ScssphpFilter loads SCSS files using the PHP implementation of scss, scssphp.

Scss files are mostly compatible, but there are slight differences.

  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\DependencyExtractorInterface
  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\FilterInterface

Public Methods

public addImportPath()

public addImportPath($path): void

public addVariable()

public addVariable($variable): void

public filterDump()

public filterDump($asset): void

public filterLoad()

public filterLoad($asset): void

public getChildren()

public getChildren($factory, $content, $loadPath = null): void

public registerFunction()

public registerFunction($name, $callable): void

public setFormatter()

public setFormatter($formatter): void

public setImportPaths()

public setImportPaths($paths): void

public setVariables()

public setVariables($variables): void

Protected Methods

protected getSourceMapLocalPath()

protected getSourceMapLocalPath(): string 

getSourceMapLocalPath returns the local path for source maps

protected getSourceMapPublicUrl()

protected getSourceMapPublicUrl(): string 

getSourceMapPublicUrl returns the public address for the source map path