Loads LESS files using the PHP implementation of less, lessphp.

Less files are mostly compatible, but there are slight differences.

  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\DependencyExtractorInterface
  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\FilterInterface

Protected Properties

protected array $loadPaths

Lessphp Load Paths

Public Methods

public addLoadPath()

public addLoadPath(string $path): void

Adds a load path to the paths used by lessphp

public filterDump()

public filterDump($asset): void

public filterLoad()

public filterLoad($asset): void

public getChildren()

public getChildren($factory, $content, $loadPath = null): void

public registerFunction()

public registerFunction($name, $callable): void

public setFormatter()

public setFormatter(string $formatter): void

public setLoadPaths()

public setLoadPaths(array $loadPaths): void

Sets load paths used by lessphp

public setOptions()

public setOptions($options): void

public setPreserveComments()

public setPreserveComments(boolean $preserveComments): void

public setPresets()

public setPresets($presets): void