FormatsMessages is a modifier to the base trait, it implements some extended technology to allow rule objects to specify methods message() and replace() for custom messaging.

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Public Methods

public makeReplacements()

public makeReplacements(
    string $message,
    string $attribute,
    string $rule,
    array $parameters
): string 

makeReplacements replace all error message place-holders with actual values.

Protected Methods

protected callExtensionMethod()

protected callExtensionMethod($rule, $methodName, $args = []): string 

callExtensionMethod calls a method for an extended rule and returns the result as a string.

protected getMessage()

protected getMessage(string $attribute, string $rule): string 

getMessage message for a validation attribute and rule.

protected hasExtensionMethod()

protected hasExtensionMethod($rule, $methodName): bool 

hasExtensionMethod determines if an extended rule has a given method.