ComposerScript is a collection of composer script logic

Public Methods

public static postAutoloadDump()

public static postAutoloadDump($event): void

public static postUpdateCmd()

public static postUpdateCmd($event): void

postUpdateCmd occurs after the update command has been executed, or after the install command has been executed without a lock file present.

public static prePackageUninstall()

public static prePackageUninstall($event): void

prePackageUninstall occurs before a package is uninstalled

Protected Methods

protected static clearMeta()

protected static clearMeta(): void

clearMeta purges meta files (discovered package cache, etc) to prevent errors

protected static isOfType()

protected static isOfType($package, $type): bool 

isOfType checks if a package is a plugin or theme

rainlab-vanilla-theme dev-master, theme -> true

protected static passthruArtisan()

protected static passthruArtisan($command, &$errCode = null): void