OctoberUtilRefitLang is a dedicated class for the refit lang util command

Protected Properties

protected string $refitFinalMessage

Protected Methods

protected refitLangFindLocales()

protected refitLangFindLocales(): void

protected refitLangInternal()

protected refitLangInternal($input, $rewrite = true): void

protected refitLangJsonDelete()

protected refitLangJsonDelete($basePath, $lang, $key): void

refitLangJsonDelete will delete the JSON lang key and rewrite the file

protected refitLangJsonEncode()

protected refitLangJsonEncode($newArr): void

protected refitLangKeyRewrite()

protected refitLangKeyRewrite($basePath, $lang, $key, $fileName = null): void

refitLangKeyRewrite will add the php lang to the json lang

protected refitLangPhpDelete()

protected refitLangPhpDelete($basePath, $lang, $key, $fileName = null): void

refitLangPhpDelete will delete the php lang key and rewrite the file

protected refitVarExportShort()

protected refitVarExportShort($data, $return = true): void

protected utilImportCrowdin()

protected utilImportCrowdin(): void

utilImportCrowdin excepts a directory above the root called "crowdin" with the export data

protected utilRefitLang()

protected utilRefitLang(): void

protected utilWipeLang()

protected utilWipeLang(): void


protected utilWipeLangJson()

protected utilWipeLangJson(): void