Component defines some component helpers for the CMS UI.

Public Methods

public static getComponentDescription()

public static getComponentDescription(mixed $component): string 

getComponentDescription returns a component description.

public static getComponentIcon()

public static getComponentIcon(mixed $component): string 

getComponentIcon returns a component icon.

public static getComponentName()

public static getComponentName(mixed $component): string 

getComponentName returns a component name.

public static getComponentPropertyValues()

public static getComponentPropertyValues(
    mixed $component,
    boolean $returnArray = false
): mixed 

getComponentPropertyValues returns a component property values.

public static getComponentSnippetAjax()

public static getComponentSnippetAjax(mixed $component): bool 

getComponentSnippetAjax returns if a component should be rendered with an AJAX partial only applies when a component is used as a snippet

public static getComponentsPropertyConfig()

public static getComponentsPropertyConfig(
    mixed $component,
    boolean $addAliasProperty = true,
    boolean $returnArray = false
): string 

getComponentsPropertyConfig returns a component property configuration as a JSON string or array.