ReportDimensionFilter represents a report data source dimension filter.

Dimension filters allow to limit the data source results by applying a filter to a specific dimension or a dimension field values.

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(
    string $dataAttributeType,
    ?string $attributeName,
    bool $operation,
    string|array|int|float|bool $value
): void

Creates a report data dimension filter.

public getAttributeName()

public getAttributeName(): string 

Get the attribute name

public getCacheUniqueCode()

public getCacheUniqueCode(): string 

Returns code unique for this filter to be used as a part of a cache key.

public getDataAttributeType()

public getDataAttributeType(): string 

Get the data attribute type

public getOperation()

public getOperation(): string 

Get the operation

public getValue()

public getValue(): string|array 

Get the value