• Illuminate\Routing\Controller

BackendController is the master controller for all back-end pages. All requests that are prefixed with the backend URI pattern are sent here, then the next URI segments are analysed and the request is routed to the relevant back-end controller.

For example, a request with the URL /backend/acme/blog/posts will look for the Posts controller inside the Acme.Blog plugin.

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Public properties

public array $implement

Behaviors implemented by this controller.

public static string $action

Allows early access to page action.

public static array $params

Allows early access to page parameters.

Protected properties

protected array $extensionData

extensionData contains class reflection information, including behaviors

protected static array $extendableCallbacks

Used to extend the constructor of an extendable class. Eg:

Class::extend(function($obj) { })

protected static array $extendableStaticMethods

Collection of static methods used by behaviors.

protected static bool $extendableGuardProperties

Indicates if dynamic properties can be created.

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Inherited protected properties

  • protected array $middleware - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. The middleware registered on the controller.

Public methods

public void __construct()

Instantiate a new BackendController instance.

public void addDynamicMethod(string $dynamicName, callable $method, string $extension=NULL)

Programmatically adds a method to the extendable class

  • string $dynamicName
  • callable $method
  • string $extension

public void addDynamicProperty(string $dynamicName, string $value=NULL)

Programmatically adds a property to the extendable class

  • string $dynamicName
  • string $value

public mixed asExtension(string $shortName)

Short hand for getClassExtension() method, except takes the short extension name, example:

  • string $shortName

public static void clearExtendedClasses()

Clear the list of extended classes so they will be re-extended.

public static void extend($callback)

Extend this object properties upon construction.

  • $callback

public void extendClassWith(string $extensionName)

Dynamically extend a class with a specified behavior

  • string $extensionName

public mixed extendableCall(string $name, array $params=NULL)

Magic method for __call()

  • string $name
  • array $params

public static mixed extendableCallStatic(string $name, array $params=NULL)

Magic method for __callStatic()

  • string $name
  • array $params

public void extendableConstruct()

extendableConstruct should be called as part of the constructor

public static void extendableExtendCallback(callable $callback)

extendableExtendCallback is a helper method for ::extend() static method

  • callable $callback

public string extendableGet(string $name)

Magic method for __get()

  • string $name

public string extendableSet(string $name, string $value)

Magic method for __set()

  • string $name
  • string $value

public mixed getClassExtension(string $name)

Returns a behavior object from an extendable class, example:

  • string $name - Fully qualified behavior name

public array getClassMethods()

Get a list of class methods, extension equivalent of get_class_methods()

public array getDynamicProperties()

Returns all dynamic properties and their values

public boolean isClassExtendedWith(string $name)

Check if extendable class is extended with a behavior object

  • string $name - Fully qualified behavior name

public boolean methodExists(string $name)

Checks if a method exists, extension equivalent of method_exists()

  • string $name

public boolean propertyExists(string $name)

Checks if a property exists, extension equivalent of property_exists()

  • string $name

public string run(string $url=NULL)

Finds and serves the requested backend controller. If the controller cannot be found, returns the Cms page with the URL /404. If the /404 page doesn't exist, returns the system 404 page.

  • string $url - Specifies the requested page URL. If the parameter is omitted, the current URL used.

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Inherited public methods

  • public mixed __call(string $method, array $parameters) - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Handle calls to missing methods on the controller.
  • public Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response callAction(string $method, array $parameters) - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Execute an action on the controller.
  • public array getMiddleware() - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Get the middleware assigned to the controller.
  • public Illuminate\Routing\ControllerMiddlewareOptions middleware(Closure|array|string $middleware, array $options=array()) - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Register middleware on the controller.

Protected methods

protected boolean extendableIsAccessible(mixed $class, string $propertyName)

Checks if a property is accessible, property equivalent of is_callable()

  • mixed $class
  • string $propertyName

protected void extensionExtractMethods(string $extensionName, object $extensionObject)

Extracts the available methods from a behavior and adds it to the list of callable methods.

  • string $extensionName
  • object $extensionObject

protected ControllerBase findController(string $controller, string $action, string $inPath)

This method is used internally. Finds a backend controller with a callable action method.

  • string $controller - Specifies a method name to execute.
  • string $action - Specifies a method name to execute.
  • string $inPath - Base path for class file location.

protected string parseAction(string $actionName)

Process the action name, since dashes are not supported in PHP methods.

  • string $actionName

protected Response runCmsPage(string $url)

Pass unhandled URLs to the CMS Controller, if it exists

  • string $url