UserPreferencesModel extension, identical to System\Behaviors\SettingsModel except values are set against the logged in user's preferences via Backend\Models\UserPreference

Add this the model class definition:

public $implement = ['Backend.Behaviors.UserPreferencesModel'];
public $settingsCode = 'author.plugin::code';
public $settingsFields = 'fields.yaml';

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Public methods

public void __construct($model)


  • $model

public void beforeModelSave()

Before the model is saved, ensure the record code is set and the jsonable field values

public Model getSettingsRecord()

Returns the raw Model record that stores the settings.

public void instance()

Create an instance of the settings model, intended as a static method

public void isConfigured()

Checks if the model has been set up previously, intended as a static method

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Protected methods

protected void getCacheKey()

Returns a cache key for this record.

protected void isKeyAllowed($key)

Checks if a key is legitimate or should be added to the field value collection

  • $key

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