October CMS Projects let you to organize your licenses for October CMS and any plugins and themes you are using for that website. They simplify the development and deployment process across multiple servers and give you access to the update gateway.


Projects are required if you want to purchase any Marketplace plugins or themes. You can create a project on the Projects page in the Account area or from the Add to Project popup window on a Marketplace page. When you have a project you can add plugins and themes to it.

The plugins and themes you add to your projects can then be installed using PHP's package manager, called Composer. The plugins and themes can be installed automatically when you synchronize your October CMS installation, or you can install them one by one.

How to Find the Project License Key

The license key is required to install a copy of October CMS and associate to a project. After you create a project you can find its identifier on the project details page in the Account section. A typical license looks like this: L55SR-916IG-UTUP7-7AWBA.

Setting a Project During Installation

You can bind October CMS copy to an existing product during the installation. During the installation process the installer will ask you for your license key. All plugins and themes bound to the project will now become available to install.

By default, the plugins and themes are not installed automatically. You must first add them to your composer file and you can do this in multiple ways.

  1. Synchronize the entire project using the project sync command
  2. Install a plugin individually using the plugin install command
  3. Install a theme individually using the theme install command

It is also possible to install plugins and themes via the Settings > System Updates page.

Changing or Attaching a Project After Installation

It's possible to bind an existing October CMS installation to a different project. Using the project set command you can specify a new project and license key. Keep in mind, this may prevent updates if the new project does not have the appropriate licenses to use the installed plugins and themes.