Terms of Use for Free License

To help new users evaluate October CMS, we offer one free license with every account. This document outlines the key terms and conditions for using this free license. Please note, violation of these terms may result in the termination of your account(s) and revocation of any associated licenses.

By requesting a free license, you agree to the following key terms:

  1. 1. Each individual or company is allowed to create and maintain active accounts with October CMS. These accounts are non-transferrable.
  2. 2. While companies may have multiple accounts, only one free license is permitted per individual or company.
  3. 3. Users are prohibited from creating multiple accounts to exploit our free license offer.
  4. 4. October CMS reserves the right to verify the information provided by users at any time, including but not limited to during the account creation process, during the free license request processing, or at any moment later.
  5. 5. If October CMS determines that a user or a company has created multiple accounts for the purpose of obtaining additional free licenses, or that a user or a company is using their account(s) for fraudulent or illegal activities, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate all associated accounts without notice.