Development Docker Image

Start building your website or application today. It’s free.

The October CMS Development Docker Image includes everything you need to explore the platform and start building a website instantly, without purchasing a license and configuring your development machine. You can have a running October CMS container on your computer in a few minutes after reading this page or watching the video tutorial.

What's in the October CMS Development Docker Image?

The Image is based on the official PHP Docker Image and includes PHP 8, MySQL and Apache. The Image can be used for platform evaluation purposes and can be licensed and converted to a fully functional development environment. You can create multiple containers to work on different projects.

October CMS version 3.1

October CMS version 3.1 is pre-installed. It’s the latest version of the platform, based on Laravel 9. Tailor and Multisite are included!

macOS, Windows, and Linux

The Image is compatible with ARM64 and AMD64 CPU architectures and can work on Windows, Linux and macOS systems with Intel and Apple M1 processors.

To protect your database and files, the Image allows you to store the platform source code and database on the host machine. You won’t lose your work if you accidentally delete the container. Just recreate the container and continue from where you left off!


Although the Image includes a fully functional copy of October CMS, there are several limitations and the Image is not optimized for production environments. The following limitations can be removed by licensing the installation: 1) the platform PHP files are encrypted and not updatable - composer update and composer install can’t be used, 2) the installation adds a HTTP header to all responses: October-CMS-Dev: Unlicensed copy, for evaluation purposes only.

Installing and Using October CMS Development Docker Image

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