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Licensing the Development Docker Container

Convert a container created from the free Development Docker Image to a fully functional development environment.

Thanks for your interest in October CMS! Please follow the instructions below to license your development Docker container and remove all limitations. Licensing the container will convert it to an updatable development Docker environment. You can also watch the video tutorial.

How to License a Container

An October CMS account is required to license a container. If you don't have an account, you can register for free. October CMS offers various subscription plans. The steps below explain how to obtain an individual license. You can find more options on the Pricing page.

  • Log into your October CMS account.
  • Go to the Project List.
  • Create a new project or select an existing project.
  • On the License tab, click Buy license.
  • After purchasing a license, click Display License Key on the Project page. Copy the project key.
  • For the next step you will need to execute several commands in the container. Please refer to the Docker Image page for instructions on running CLI commands for your platform and installation method.
  • Run the following commands in your container.

The next command binds a license to your installation. Replace the LICENSE-KEY with the key you copied from the Project page.

php artisan project:set LICENSE-KEY

The final step updates the installation files and removes all restrictions:

composer reinstall '*'

You have successfully licensed your container! You can use the same license key for the production copy of the website. Please note that using the same license key for multiple websites is not allowed.

To remove the welcome popup from the October CMS Administration Area, please delete the plugins/october/demoonboarding directory from the installation.