If you have multiple clients and October CMS projects you probably have a set of your own October plugins and themes that you often use. Private Plugins & Themes service combines the convenience of October CMS gateway, where you can install and update products with one click, with a private repository hosting, where nobody else can see your products.

Difference between private and public plugins and themes

The main difference between private and public products is that private products are not visible in the October Marketplace. You can create a private plugin and nobody will know about it. To install that plugin, you must know its code. Another difference is that private plugins and themes do not require approval, they can be used as soon as they added and compiled by our servers.

Similarities between private and public plugins and themes

Both private and public plugins and themes require you to follow the namespace convention. If you are not an Author yet, you will need to choose your author code during the Private Plugins & Themes sign up process. If you are an Author already, you can continue using your existing author code. The namespace convention is required because it allows you to create dependencies between your plugins and themes and also because you can convert private plugins and themes to public products and vice versa, with one button click. Private plugins and themes converted to public products still require approval before they can be published.

Who can use Private Plugins & Themes

Private Plugins & Themes is a paid subscription-based service. Any user with an October CMS account can sign up and use the service. There is a one-month free trial period that doesn’t require a credit card. To sign up visit https://octobercms.com/account/private-repos/signup.

Partners can use the service for free as long as their Partner subscription is active.

What happens if your trial or subscription expires

If you have created private plugins or themes and your subscription or trial has ended, your plugins and themes cannot be installed or updated until you renew the subscription. If your subscription is not active for 6 months, your private plugins and themes are automatically removed.

Installing private plugins and themes

Private plugins and themes never appear in the plugin/theme search in the October CMS Administration Area. In order to install a private plugin or theme, you must know its code. The code is displayed on in the private plugin and theme list, and also on the Edit Plugin/Theme Contents page. After entering the plugin or theme code into the Search field, hit Enter to start the installation process.

Private plugins and themes with the Protected mode enabled may have different installation process.

Protected mode

Private plugins and themes in Protected mode can only be installed by their author or by users who know a unique code. Private plugins and themes created after October 15, 2019, have the Protected mode enabled by default. You can manage this option on the plugin/theme Settings tab.

As an author of a private plugin or theme, you can install it from the October CMS Administration Area. Make sure to bind your October CMS installation to a project first.

If you want to share your private plugin or theme with another user, you can generate shareable unique codes on the Access tab of the Account → Private Plugins & Themes → Edit → Settings page. The other user must open the project page, click the "Add private plugin" or "Add private theme" button, and enter the unique code. After that, they can update their October CMS installation bound to the project, from the Administration Area → Settings → Updates & Plugins page.

You can safely delete accepted codes.

Canceling your subscription

You can cancel your Private Plugins & Themes subscription. To cancel your subscription go to the Dashboard and click Subscription in the sidebar. Click the “Cancel subscription” link.

After you cancel the subscription, you can still use the service until the end of your current billing period. We cannot refund unused service time.

You cannot cancel a trial or Partner subscription.

Changing your payment method

If you have an active paid subscription you can change your payment method on the Billing Settings page.

Accessing and downloading invoices

Invoices for Private Plugins & Themes service is available on the Invoices page. Click an invoice to open the Stripe page where you can download the invoice in PDF format.