Customer refund policy

Due to the non-returnable nature of downloadable software, October CMS and item owners (authors or sellers) do not issue refunds after a transaction has been completed. This policy applies to all additional plugins, themes, add-ons or other electronic goods or services sold on or via this website.

We encourage you to try demonstrations of items and make enquiries before you purchase them, to ensure they adequately meet your requirements. Items listed for sale on this website are supported directly by the item author, not by October CMS. You may apply to the author to request consideration for a refund but they are not required by October CMS to give one unless the item does not adhere to our Marketplace terms.

We actively check our marketplace for items that do not adhere to our Marketplace Terms. In the unfortunate event that you purchase an item that is intentionally misleading, we will ensure the prompt removal of the item and will do our best to assist you with the return of the purchase amount from the author.

Customer escalation process

If you believe a plugin or theme is broken or does not function as expected, use the following escalation process. Please wait a few days between each step to allow time for a response.

  1. First contact the author using the "Support" link found on the plugin page. You can also contact the author directly from their profile page.

  2. If after multiple attempts you are unable to resolve the problem with the author, contact the October CMS team using the "Email icon" link in the footer of this page.

  3. Finally if you are not satisfied with our result, you may lodge a dispute with PayPal to request a refund.

Important: Do not use the PayPal dispute process as the first point of contact. This violates the terms of service and you risk becoming banned from using this website.

Author refund policy

Where a refund has been granted or a disputed transaction occurs, the commission (gratitude) payment made to October CMS will not be automatically refunded. You may apply to have the gratitude refunded by contacting us. We will refund gratitude payments in all cases where sufficient material is shown that the primary payment was refunded to the buyer. You should accompany the application with a screen capture of the PayPal transaction ID showing the reversal of the original payment. We will endeavour to process the refund within 48 business hours of the application being approved.