Support Scope

October CMS assumes you are a developer or have a developer on staff. Support is provided to developers for functionality that relates to the October CMS platform. It does not include support with any of the technologies, including PHP and HTML, or how to implement customizations.

General Coding Issues

October CMS does not provide support for general coding issues involving server administration, HTML/CSS design or PHP programming. For this type of support, you should use generic support services such as Stack Overflow.

Third Party Products

October CMS does not provide support for third party plugins or themes. Please contact the original supplier for technical support.

Support Tickets

Each support ticket has a cost of 97 USD and gives you 90 minutes of the support time. Each support ticket can be used for one issue only. If you have more than one issue, you need to log multiple support tickets. If you include all of your issues in one support ticket we will respond to the first issue only, the other issues will not be responded to.

Wait Time

Support tickets are answered in order of the date and time that they are logged. Urgent support tickets may be reviewed earlier; however response time is reflective on October CMS workload demands and is at the discretion of the October CMS support crew. October CMS cannot guarantee a turn around time on issues, we do however do our best to get you a response within 48 hours.

Platform Bugs Reports

Please send reports about bugs and errors in the October CMS platform to

Website, Account, Sales and Marketing Inquiries

Please use the email address to request help with the website or your Account, send sales and marketing inquiries.