MailBrandSettings for customizing mail brand settings


Public Properties

public array $implement

implement extensions

public array $formConfig

formConfig FormController configuration.

public string $settingsItemCode

settingsItemCode determines the settings code

public array $requiredPermissions

requiredPermissions to view this page.

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Protected Properties

There are no protected properties in the class.

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(): void

__construct the controller

public formCreateModelObject()

public formCreateModelObject(): void

public index()

public index(): void

index action

public index_onResetDefault()

public index_onResetDefault(): void

public index_onSave()

public index_onSave(): void

public onUpdateSampleMessage()

public onUpdateSampleMessage(): void

public renderSampleMessage()

public renderSampleMessage(): void

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Protected Methods

protected renderSampleMessageAsScript()

protected renderSampleMessageAsScript(): void

renderSampleMessageAsScript template

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