MarkupExtensionItem class

Public Properties

public string $name

public string $type

public callable $callback

public bool $escapeOutput

Public Methods

public getTwigCallback()

public getTwigCallback(): void

getTwigCallback returns a callback function suitable for Twig

public getTwigOptions()

public getTwigOptions(): array 

getTwigOptions returns options passed to the Twig definition

public getWildCallback()

public getWildCallback($name): void

getWildCallback replaces wildcard with a real callable function

public isWildCallable()

public isWildCallable(): bool 

isWildCallable will test if the callback uses a wildcard, for example, str_ can route to Str::

public useConfig()

public useConfig($data): System\Classes\MarkupExtensionItem 

Protected Methods

protected parseDefinition()

protected parseDefinition($definition): array 

parseDefinition will check if a callable definition contains output escaping