Protected Properties

protected string $key

Secure API Key

protected string $secret

Secure API Secret

Public Methods

public requestServerData()

public requestServerData(string $uri, array $postData = []): array 

requestServerData contacts the update server for a response.

public setSecurity()

public setSecurity(string $key, string $secret): void

Set the API security for all transmissions.

Protected Methods

protected createNonce()

protected createNonce(): int 

Create a nonce based on millisecond time

protected createServerUrl()

protected createServerUrl(string $uri): string 

createServerUrl creates a complete gateway server URL from supplied URI

protected createSignature()

protected createSignature($data, $secret): string 

Create a unique signature for transmission.

protected makeHttpRequest()

protected makeHttpRequest(
    string $url,
    array $postData
): Illuminate\Http\Client\Response 

makeHttpRequest makes a specialized server request to a URL.