ServiceProvider for System module

  • October\Contracts\Support\OctoberPackage

Public Properties

There are no public properties in the class.

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Inherited Public Properties

  • $publishes - The paths that should be published. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • $publishGroups - The paths that should be published by group. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)

Protected Properties

There are no protected properties in the class.

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Inherited Protected Properties

  • $app - instance. (defined in October\Rain\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • $bootingCallbacks - All of the registered booting callbacks. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • $bootedCallbacks - All of the registered booted callbacks. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)

Public Methods

public boot()

public boot(): void

boot the module events.

public register()

public register(): void

register the service provider.

public registerMailLayouts()

public registerMailLayouts(): void

public registerMailPartials()

public registerMailPartials(): void

public registerMarkupTags()

public registerMarkupTags(): void

public registerNavigation()

public registerNavigation(): void

public registerPermissions()

public registerPermissions(): void

public registerReportWidgets()

public registerReportWidgets(): void

public registerSettings()

public registerSettings(): void

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Inherited Public Methods

  • __construct() - Create a new service provider instance. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • booted() - Register a booted callback to be run after the "boot" method is called. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • booting() - Register a booting callback to be run before the "boot" method is called. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • callBootedCallbacks() - Call the registered booted callbacks. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • callBootingCallbacks() - Call the registered booting callbacks. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • commands() - Register the package's custom Artisan commands. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • isDeferred() - Determine if the provider is deferred. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • pathsToPublish() - Get the paths to publish. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • provides() - Get the services provided by the provider. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • publishableGroups() - Get the groups available for publishing. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • publishableProviders() - Get the service providers available for publishing. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • registerComponents() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerContentFields() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerFilterWidgets() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerFormWidgets() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerListColumnTypes() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerMailTemplates() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerPageSnippets() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • registerSchedule() - (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • when() - Get the events that trigger this service provider to register. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)

Protected Methods

protected applyDatabaseDefaultStringLength()

protected applyDatabaseDefaultStringLength(): void

applyDatabaseDefaultStringLength allows the database config to specify a max length for VARCHAR. Primarily used by MariaDB (<10.2) and MySQL (<5.7)

protected extendBackendNavigation()

protected extendBackendNavigation(): void

protected extendBackendSettings()

protected extendBackendSettings(): void

protected extendMailerService()

protected extendMailerService(): void

extendMailerService templates and settings override.

protected extendViewService()

protected extendViewService(): void

protected registerConsole()

protected registerConsole(): void

registerConsole command line specifics

protected registerDashboardDatasource()

protected registerDashboardDatasource(): void

protected registerErrorHandler()

protected registerErrorHandler(): void

registerErrorHandler for uncaught Exceptions

protected registerLogging()

protected registerLogging(): void

registerLogging writes all log events to the database

protected registerManifest()

protected registerManifest(): void

protected registerSingletons()

protected registerSingletons(): void

protected registerTwigParser()

protected registerTwigParser(): void

protected registerValidator()

protected registerValidator(): void

registerValidator extends the validator with custom rules

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Inherited Protected Methods

  • addPublishGroup() - Add a publish group / tag to the service provider. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • callAfterResolving() - Setup an after resolving listener, or fire immediately if already resolved. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • callBeforeResolving() - sets up a before resolving listener, or fire immediately. (defined in October\Rain\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • ensurePublishArrayInitialized() - Ensure the publish array for the service provider is initialized. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • getModule() - gets the module name from method args. (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • loadConfigFrom() - registers a config file namespace. (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)
  • loadFactoriesFrom() - Register Eloquent model factory paths. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • loadJsonTranslationsFrom() - Register a JSON translation file path. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • loadMigrationsFrom() - Register database migration paths. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • loadRoutesFrom() - Load the given routes file if routes are not already cached. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • loadTranslationsFrom() - Register a translation file namespace. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • loadViewComponentsAs() - Register the given view components with a custom prefix. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • loadViewsFrom() - Register a view file namespace. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • mergeConfigFrom() - Merge the given configuration with the existing configuration. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • pathsForProviderAndGroup() - Get the paths for the provider and group. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • pathsForProviderOrGroup() - Get the paths for the provider or group (or both). (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • publishes() - Register paths to be published by the publish command. (defined in Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider)
  • registerConsoleCommand() - registers a new console (artisan) command. (defined in October\Rain\Support\ModuleServiceProvider)