Auth is the backend authentication controller


Public Properties

public array $vueComponents

vueComponents classes to implement

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Protected Properties

protected array $publicActions

publicActions defines controller actions visible to unauthenticated users

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(): void

__construct is the constructor

public index()

public index(): void

index is the default route, redirects to signin or migrate

public migrate()

public migrate(): void

migrate shows a progress bar while the database migrates

public migrate_onMigrate()

public migrate_onMigrate(): void

migrate_onMigrate migrates the database

public registerDefaultVueComponents()

public registerDefaultVueComponents(): void

public reset()

public reset($userId = null, $code = null): void

reset backend user password using verification code

public restore()

public restore(): void

restore displays a page to request a password reset verification code

public setup()

public setup(): void

setup will allow a user to create the first admin account

public signin()

public signin(): void

signin displays the log in page

public signout()

public signout(): void

signout logs out a backend user

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Protected Methods

protected checkAdminAccounts()

protected checkAdminAccounts(): bool 

checkAdminAccounts will determine if this is a new installation

protected checkCanReset()

protected checkCanReset(): bool 

checkCanReset password via self service

protected checkPostbackFlag()

protected checkPostbackFlag(): bool 

checkPostbackFlag checks to see if the form has been submitted

protected handleSubmitReset()

protected handleSubmitReset(): void

handleSubmitReset submits the reset form

protected handleSubmitRestore()

protected handleSubmitRestore(): void

handleSubmitRestore submits the restore form

protected handleSubmitSetup()

protected handleSubmitSetup(): void

handleSubmitSetup creates a new admin

protected handleSubmitSignin()

protected handleSubmitSignin(): void

handleSubmitSignin handles the submission of the sign in form

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