FormTabs is a fieldset definition for backend tabs

  • Traversable
  • IteratorAggregate
  • JsonSerializable
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Jsonable
  • ArrayAccess
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Arrayable

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Public Methods

public addAdaptive()

public addAdaptive($tabName): void

addAdaptive flags a tab to use adaptive sizing

public addIdentifier()

public addIdentifier($tabName, $identifier): void

addIdentifier adds a new API identifier for the specified tab

public addLazy()

public addLazy($tabName): void

addLazy flags a tab to be lazy loaded

public evalConfig()

public evalConfig($config): void

public getIcon()

public getIcon(string $name): string 

getIcon returns an icon for the tab based on the tab's name

public getIdentifier()

public getIdentifier($tabName): string|null 

getIdentifier returns an API identifier for the specified tab

public getPaneAnchorId()

public getPaneAnchorId($index = null, $label = null): string 

getPaneAnchorId returns a value suitable for the pane id property.

public getPaneCssClass()

public getPaneCssClass(
    string $index = null,
    string $label = null
): string 

getPaneCssClass returns a tab pane CSS class

public getPaneId()

public getPaneId($tabName): void

public getTabId()

public getTabId($tabName): void

public isAdaptive()

public isAdaptive($tabName): bool 

isAdaptive checks if a tab uses adaptive sizing

public isLazy()

public isLazy($tabName): bool 

isLazy checks if a tab should be lazy loaded

public isPaneActive()

public isPaneActive($index = null, $label = null): bool 

isPaneActive returns a tab pane CSS class

public setPaneCssClass()

public setPaneCssClass($tabNameOrIndex, $cssClass, $overwrite = false): void

setPaneCssClass appends a CSS class to the tab pane

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Protected Methods

protected initDefaultValues()

protected initDefaultValues(): void

initDefaultValues for this scope

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