• ArrayAccess
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Arrayable
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Jsonable
  • JsonSerializable
  • Cms\Contracts\CmsObject

The CMS content file class.

Public properties

There are no public properties in the class.

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Protected properties

protected string $dirName

The container name associated with the model, eg: pages.

protected array $allowedExtensions

Allowable file extensions.

protected array $purgeable

List of attribute names which are not considered "settings".

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Public methods

public string getParsedMarkupAttribute()

Returns a default value for parsedMarkup attribute.

public static void initCacheItem(array &$item)

Initializes the object properties from the cached data. The extra data set here becomes available as attributes set on the model after fetch.

  • array &$item - The cached data array.

public string parseMarkup()

Parses the content markup according to the file type.

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Protected methods

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Inherited protected methods

  • protected static void boot() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. The "booting" method of the model.
  • protected static void bootDefaultTheme() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. Boot all of the bootable traits on the model.
  • protected void bootIfNotBooted() - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Check if the model needs to be booted and if so, do it.
  • protected void bootNicerEvents() - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Bind some nicer events to this model, in the format of method overrides.
  • protected static void bootTraits() - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Boot all of the bootable traits on the model.
  • protected void checkSafeMode() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsCompoundObject. This method checks if safe mode is enabled by config, and the code.
  • protected array emitterEventSortEvents(string $eventName) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Sort the listeners for a given event by priority.
  • protected boolean extendableIsAccessible(mixed $class, string $propertyName) - defined in October\Rain\Extension\Extendable. Checks if a property is accessible, property equivalent of is_callable().
  • protected void extensionExtractMethods(string $extensionName, object $extensionObject) - defined in October\Rain\Extension\Extendable. Extracts the available methods from a behavior and adds it to the.
  • protected void fillViewBagArray() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsCompoundObject. Copies view bag properties to the view bag array.
  • protected array fillableFromArray(array $attributes) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Get the fillable attributes of a given array.
  • protected void finishSave(array $options) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Finish processing on a successful save operation.
  • protected mixed fireModelEvent(string $event, bool $halt=true) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Fire the given event for the model.
  • protected array getArrayableAppends() - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Get all of the appendable values that are arrayable.
  • protected mixed getAttributeFromArray(string $key) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Get an attribute from the $attributes array.
  • protected array getValidationAttributes() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. Returns the model data used for validation.
  • protected static Illuminate\Validation\Validator makeValidator($data, $rules, $customMessages, $attributeNames) - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. Instantiates the validator used by the validation process, depending if the class is being used inside or.
  • protected mixed mutateAttribute(string $key, mixed $value) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Get the value of an attribute using its mutator.
  • protected mixed mutateAttributeForArray(string $key, mixed $value) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Get the value of an attribute using its mutator for array conversion.
  • protected bool originalIsNumericallyEquivalent(string $key) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Determine if the new and old values for a given key are numerically equivalent.
  • protected void parseComponentSettings() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsCompoundObject. Parse component sections.
  • protected void parseSettings() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsCompoundObject. Parses the settings array.
  • protected void performDeleteOnModel() - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Perform the actual delete query on this model instance.
  • protected bool performInsert(October\Rain\Halcyon\Builder $query, array $options=array()) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Perform a model insert operation.
  • protected bool performUpdate(October\Rain\Halcyon\Builder $query, array $options=array()) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Perform a model update operation.
  • protected array processRuleFieldNames(array $rules) - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. Processes field names in a rule array.
  • protected void processValidationRules($rules) - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. Process rules.
  • protected static void registerModelEvent(string $event, Closure|string $callback, int $priority=0) - defined in October\Rain\Halcyon\Model. Register a model event with the dispatcher.
  • protected static void throwHalcyonException(Exception $ex) - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsObject. Converts an exception type thrown by Halcyon to a native CMS exception.
  • protected void validateSettings() - defined in Cms\Classes\CmsCompoundObject. If the model is loaded with an invalid INI section, the invalid content will be.