Bracket parser

Protected Properties

protected array $options

Parsing options

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct($options = []): void

public static parse()

public static parse(
    string $template,
    array $vars = [],
    array $options = []
): self 

Static helper for new instances of this class.

public parseString()

public parseString(string $string, array $data): string 

Parse a string against data

public setOptions()

public setOptions($options = []): void

Protected Methods

protected parseKey()

protected parseKey(
    string $key,
    string $value,
    string $string
): string 

Process a single key

protected parseKeyBooleans()

protected parseKeyBooleans($key, $value, $string): void

This is an internally used method, the syntax is experimental and may change.

protected parseKeyFilters()

protected parseKeyFilters(
    string $key,
    string $value,
    string $string
): string 

Look for filtered variables and replace them

protected parseLoop()

protected parseLoop(
    string $key,
    array $data,
    string $string
): string 

Search for open/close keys and process them in a nested fashion

protected parseLoopRegex()

protected parseLoopRegex(string $string, string $key): string 

Internal method, returns a Regular expression for parsing a looping tag.