FormWidgetBase class contains widgets used specifically for forms


Public Properties

public October\Rain\Database\Model $model

model object for the form.

public array $data

data containing field values, if none supplied model should be used.

public string $sessionKey

sessionKey for the active session, used for editing forms and deferred bindings.

public string $sessionKeySuffix

sessionKeySuffix adds some extra uniqueness to the session key.

public bool $previewMode

previewMode renders this form with uneditable preview data.

public bool $showLabels

showLabels determines if this form field should display comments and labels.

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Protected Properties

protected FormField $formField

formField object containing general form field information.

protected Backend\Widgets\Form $parentForm

The parent form that contains this field

protected string $fieldName

protected string $valueFrom

Model attribute to get/set value from.

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(
    Controller $controller,
    FormField $formField,
    array $configuration = []
): void

public getFieldName()

public getFieldName(): string 

getFieldName returns the HTML element field name for this widget, used for capturing user input, passed back to the getSaveValue method when saving.

public getId()

public getId($suffix = null): void

getId returns a unique ID for this widget. Useful in creating HTML markup.

public getLoadValue()

public getLoadValue(): string 

getLoadValue returns the value for this form field, supports nesting via HTML array.

public getParentForm()

public getParentForm(): Backend\Widgets\Form|null 

getParentForm retrieves the parent form for this formwidget

public getSaveValue()

public getSaveValue(mixed $value): string 

getSaveValue processes the postback value for this widget. If the value is omitted from postback data, the form widget will be skipped.

public getSessionKey()

public getSessionKey(): string 

getSessionKey returns the active session key, including suffix.

public resetFormValue()

public resetFormValue(): void

resetFormValue from the form field, triggered by the parent form calling setFormValues and the new value is in the formField object value property.

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