ErrorHandler handles application exception events


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Public Methods

public beforeReport()

public beforeReport($exception): void

beforeReport allows hooking the application exception handler

public static getDetailedMessage()

public static getDetailedMessage(Exception $exception): string 

getDetailedMessage returns a more descriptive error message based on the context.

public handleCustomError()

public handleCustomError($exception): void

public handleDetailedError()

public handleDetailedError($exception): View 

handleDetailedError displays the detailed system exception page.

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Protected Methods

protected handleCustomAccessDenied()

protected handleCustomAccessDenied(): mixed 

handleCustomAccessDenied checks if running the backend and shows the backend access denied page.

protected handleCustomGeneralError()

protected handleCustomGeneralError(): mixed 

handleCustomGeneralError looks up an error page using the CMS route "/error". If the route does not exist, this function will use the error view found in the CMS module.

protected handleCustomNotFound()

protected handleCustomNotFound(): mixed 

handleCustomNotFound checks if using a custom 404 page, if so return the contents. Return NULL if a custom 404 is not set up.

protected handleTwigRuntimeError()

protected handleTwigRuntimeError($exception): void

handleTwigRuntimeError maps errors that occur within Twig, usually masking Http exceptions

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