RateLimiter prevents too many attempts at logging in

Protected Properties

protected string $throttleKey

protected Illuminate\Cache\RateLimiter $limiter

limiter instance

protected Illuminate\Http\Request $request

request instance

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct($throttleKey): void

__construct a new login rate limiter instance.

public attempts()

public attempts(): void

attempts gets the number of attempts for the given key.

public availableIn()

public availableIn(): void

availableIn determines the number of seconds until logging in is available again.

public clear()

public clear(): void

clear the login locks for the given user credentials.

public increment()

public increment($decaySeconds = 60): void

increment the login attempts for the user.

public tooManyAttempts()

public tooManyAttempts($maxAttempts = 5): void

tooManyAttempts determines if the user has too many failed login attempts.

Protected Methods

protected throttleKey()

protected throttleKey(): string 

throttleKey gets the throttle key for the given request.