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There are no public properties in the class.

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Protected Properties

protected string $typeName

typeName of the blueprint

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Public Methods

public getEntryTypeOptions()

public getEntryTypeOptions(): array 

public getMetaData()

public getMetaData(): array 

getMetaData returns meta data for the content schema table

public getMultisiteConfig()

public getMultisiteConfig($key, $default = null): void

getMultisiteConfig requests configuration for the multisite implementation, such as the sync group (all, group, locale) and the general propagation logic.

public hasMultipleEntryTypes()

public hasMultipleEntryTypes(): bool 

public isEntryEnabledByDefault()

public isEntryEnabledByDefault(): bool 

public static listInProject()

public static listInProject($options = ]): [Tailor\Classes\BlueprintCollection 

listInProject is a modified version to find any blueprints that inherit this one

public useDrafts()

public useDrafts(): bool 

useDrafts determines if this section should use drafts

public useMultisite()

public useMultisite(): bool 

public useMultisiteSync()

public useMultisiteSync(): bool 

useMultisiteSync defaults to false.

public usePageFinder()

public usePageFinder($context = 'item'): void

usePageFinder in a specific context, either item or list. Defaults to true.

public useVersions()

public useVersions(): bool 

useVersions determines if this section should capture version history

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Protected Methods

protected makeBlueprintTableName()

protected makeBlueprintTableName($type = 'content'): string 

makeBlueprintTableName where type can be used for content, join or repeater

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