VueComponentBase class.

Each component must include two files: vuecomponents/mycomponents

  • partials/_mycomponents.php
  • assets/js/mycomponents.js

The optional CSS file is loaded automatically if presented: vuecomponents/mycomponents

  • assets/css/mycomponents.css

Components can have subcomponents. Each subcomponent must be presented with a JavaScript file and partial.


Public Properties

public array $vars

vars is a list of variables to pass to the page

public string $layout

layout to use for the view

public bool $suppressLayout

suppressLayout prevents the use of a layout

public string $assetPath

assetPath specifies the relative path to the asset directory.

public string $assetUrlPath

assetUrlPath specifies the public path to the asset directory.

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Protected Properties

protected Backend\Classes\Controller $controller

controller object

protected array $require

require Vue component class names for this component.

protected string|array $viewPath

viewPath specifies a path to the views directory

protected string $layoutPath

layoutPath specifies a path to the layout directory

protected array $viewPathGuessCache

viewPathGuessCache remembers path guesses for performance.

protected array $assets

Collection of assets to display in the layout.

protected array $assetBundles

Collection of combined and prioritized assets.

protected string $assetDefaults

assetDefaults is the default attributes for assets.

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(Backend\Classes\Controller $controller): void

public addCss()

public addCss($name, $attributes = []): void

addCss includes a StyleSheet asset to the asset list

public addCssBundle()

public addCssBundle($name, $attributes = []): void

addCssBundle includes a CSS asset to the bundled combiner pipeline

public addJs()

public addJs($name, $attributes = []): void

addJs includes a JavaScript asset to the asset list

public addJsBundle()

public addJsBundle($name, $attributes = []): void

addJsBundle includes a JS asset to the bundled combiner pipeline

public addRss()

public addRss($name, $attributes = []): void

addRss adds an RSS link asset to the asset list. Call $this->makeAssets() in a view to output corresponding markup.

public addViewPath()

public addViewPath(string|array $path, $append = false): void 

addViewPath prepends a path on the available view path locations

public combineAssets()

public combineAssets($assets, $localPath = ''): string 

combineAssets runs asset paths through the Asset Combiner

public flushAssets()

public flushAssets(): void 

flushAssets disables the use, and subsequent broadcast, of assets. This is useful to call during an AJAX request to speed things up. This method works by specifically targeting the hasAssetsDefined method.

public getAssetPath()

public getAssetPath(
    string $fileName,
    string $assetPath = null
): string 

getAssetPath locates a file based on it's definition. If the file starts with a forward slash, it will be returned in context of the application public path, otherwise it will be returned in context of the asset path.

public getAssetPaths()

public getAssetPaths(): array 

getAssetPaths returns an array of all registered asset paths.

public getDependencies()

public getDependencies(): void

public getSubcomponents()

public getSubcomponents(): void

public getViewPath()

public getViewPath(string $fileName, mixed $viewPath = null): string 

getViewPath locates a file based on its definition. The file name can be prefixed with a symbol (~|$) to return in context of the application or plugin base path, otherwise it will be returned in context of this object view path.

public getViewPaths()

public getViewPaths(): array 

getViewPaths returns the active view path locations

public guessViewPath()

public guessViewPath(
    string $suffix = '',
    bool $isPublic = false
): string 

guessViewPath guesses the package path for the called class

public guessViewPathFrom()

public guessViewPathFrom(
    string $class,
    string $suffix = '',
    bool $isPublic = false
): string 

guessViewPathFrom guesses the package path from a specified class, including an optional suffix to attach at the end, and the option to return a public path instead of a local one.

public hasAssetsDefined()

public hasAssetsDefined(): bool 

hasAssetsDefined returns true if assets any have been added

public makeAssets()

public makeAssets(string $type = null): string 

makeAssets outputs <link> and <script> tags to load assets previously added with addJs and addCss method calls

public makeFileContents()

public makeFileContents(
    string $filePath,
    array $extraParams = []
): string 

makeFileContents includes a file path using output buffering

public makeLayout()

public makeLayout(
    string $name = null,
    array $params = [],
    bool $throwException = true
): mixed 

makeLayout renders a layout

public makeLayoutPartial()

public makeLayoutPartial(string $partial, array $params = []): string 

makeLayoutPartial renders a layout partial

public makePartial()

public makePartial(
    string $partial,
    array $params = [],
    bool $throwException = true
): mixed 

makePartial renders a partial file contents located in the views folder

public makeView()

public makeView(string $view): string 

makeView loads a view with the name specified. Applies layout if its name is provided by the parent object. The view file must be situated in the views directory, and has the extension "htm" or "php"

public makeViewContent()

public makeViewContent(
    string $contents,
    string $layout = null
): string 

makeViewContent renders supplied contents inside a layout

public render()

public render(): void

render the default component partial.

public renderSubcomponent()

public renderSubcomponent($name): void

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Protected Methods

protected combineBundledAssets()

protected combineBundledAssets($type): array 

combineBundledAssets spins over every bundle definition and combines them to an asset

protected getAssetEntryBuildPath()

protected getAssetEntryBuildPath(array $asset): string 

Internal helper, attaches a build code to an asset path

protected getAssetScheme()

protected getAssetScheme($asset): string 

getAssetScheme is an internal helper to get the asset scheme.

protected getComponentBaseName()

protected getComponentBaseName(): void

protected getLocalPath()

protected getLocalPath($relativePath): string 

getLocalPath converts a relative path to a local path

protected handleViewException()

protected handleViewException($e, $obLevel): void 

handleViewException handles a view exception

protected loadAssets()

protected loadAssets(): void 

loadAssets adds component specific asset files. Use $this->addJs() and $this->addCss() to register new assets to include on the page. The default component script and CSS file are loaded automatically.

protected loadDefaultAssets()

protected loadDefaultAssets(): void

protected loadDependencyAssets()

protected loadDependencyAssets(): void 

loadDependencyAssets adds dependency assets required for the component. This method is called before the component's default resources are loaded. Use $this->addJs() and $this->addCss() to register new assets to include on the page.

protected prepareVars()

protected prepareVars(): void

prepareVars required by the component's partials

protected processAssetAttributes()

protected processAssetAttributes($attributes): void

protected registerSubcomponent()

protected registerSubcomponent(string $name): void

registerSubcomponent adds a subcomponent.

protected registerSubcomponents()

protected registerSubcomponents(): void

protected removeDuplicateAssets()

protected removeDuplicateAssets(): void

removeDuplicateAssets removes duplicate and global assets from the entire collection

protected renderAssetAttributes()

protected renderAssetAttributes($type, $asset): string 

renderAssetAttributes takes an asset definition and returns the necessary HTML output

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