AssetCollectionIterator iterates over an asset collection.

The iterator is responsible for cascading filters and target URL patterns from parent to child assets.

  • RecursiveIterator
  • Traversable
  • Iterator

Protected Properties

protected mixed $assets

protected mixed $filters

protected mixed $vars

protected mixed $output

protected mixed $clones

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct($coll, $clones): void

public current()

public current(
    Boolean $raw = false
): October\Rain\Assetic\Asset\AssetInterface 

Returns a copy of the current asset with filters and a target URL applied.

public getChildren()

public getChildren(): RecursiveIterator|null 

public hasChildren()

public hasChildren(): bool 

public key()

public key(): void

public next()

public next(): void 

public rewind()

public rewind(): void 

public valid()

public valid(): bool