SectionComponent displays a list of records.

  • October\Contracts\Twig\CallsAnyMethod
  • Stringable

Public Properties

There are no public properties in the class.

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Protected Properties

protected array $otherSiteCache

protected bool $multisiteCache

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Public Methods

public componentDetails()

public componentDetails(): void

public defineProperties()

public defineProperties(): void

public getHandleOptions()

public getHandleOptions(): void

public getPrimaryRecord()

public getPrimaryRecord(): void

public getPrimaryRecordQuery()

public getPrimaryRecordQuery(): void

public init()

public init(): void

public makePrimaryAccessor()

public makePrimaryAccessor(): void

makePrimaryAccessor returns the PHP object variable for the Twig view layer.

public onRun()

public onRun(): void

public validateProperties()

public validateProperties($properties): void

validateProperties is used to replace older property definitions with new ones

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Protected Methods

protected findOtherSiteRecords()

protected findOtherSiteRecords(): void

findOtherSiteRecords is for multisite

protected getEntryPointIdentifierKey()

protected getEntryPointIdentifierKey(): string 

getEntryPointIdentifierKey returns the lookup column name

protected getEntryPointIdentifierParamName()

protected getEntryPointIdentifierParamName(): void

protected getEntryPointIdentifierValue()

protected getEntryPointIdentifierValue(): void

protected getEntryPointModel()

protected getEntryPointModel($query): void

protected getPreviewModel()

protected getPreviewModel($query): void

protected handleMultisiteParams()

protected handleMultisiteParams($site, $params): void

handleMultisiteParams is for multisite

protected isMultisiteEnabled()

protected isMultisiteEnabled(): void

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