PartialWatcher instructs the controller to capture output and AJAX handlers from a complete page cycle. Either set to a partial name to ensure the partial contents are available or true to just activate the cycle.

Protected Properties

protected bool|string $partialName

partialName mode.

protected array $partialList

partialList for AJAX updates.

protected array $partialOutput

protected array $handlerOutput

protected Throwable $handlerException

Public Methods

public getHandlerException()

public getHandlerException(): Throwable|null 

public getHandlerResponse()

public getHandlerResponse(): void

public getPartialContents()

public getPartialContents($name): void

public isWatching()

public isWatching($name): void

isWatching checks if this partial is relevant to the request

public isWatchingHandler()

public isWatchingHandler($name): void

public setHandlerException()

public setHandlerException($exception): void

public setHandlerResponse()

public setHandlerResponse($contents): void

public setPartialContents()

public setPartialContents($name, $contents): void

setPartialContents stores partials that the watcher cares about

public startCapture()

public startCapture($partialName = true, $partialList = []): void

startCapture begins capturing partial processes.