• Illuminate\Routing\Controller

SystemController is the master controller for system related routing. It is currently only responsible for serving up the asset combiner contents.

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Protected properties

There are no protected properties in the class.

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Inherited protected properties

  • protected array $middleware - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. The middleware registered on the controller.

Public methods

public string combine(string $name)

combine JavaScript and StyleSheet asset files

  • string $name - Combined file code

public RedirectResponse resize(string $name)

resize an image

  • string $name - Combined file code

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Inherited public methods

  • public mixed __call(string $method, array $parameters) - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Handle calls to missing methods on the controller.
  • public Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response callAction(string $method, array $parameters) - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Execute an action on the controller.
  • public array getMiddleware() - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Get the middleware assigned to the controller.
  • public Illuminate\Routing\ControllerMiddlewareOptions middleware(Closure|array|string $middleware, array $options=array()) - defined in Illuminate\Routing\Controller. Register middleware on the controller.