Search Widget Used for building a toolbar, Renders a search container.


Public Properties

public string $prompt

prompt is the search placeholder text.

public bool $growable

growable when selected.

public string $partial

partial custom partial file definition, in context of the controller.

public string $mode

mode defines the search mode. Commonly passed to the searchWhere() query.

public string $scope

scope custom method name. Commonly passed to the query.

public bool $searchOnEnter

searchOnEnter searches on enter key instead of every key stroke.

public array $cssClasses

cssClasses to apply to the list container element.

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Protected Properties

protected $defaultAlias

defaultAlias to identify this widget.

protected string $activeTerm

activeTerm pulled from session data.

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Public Methods

public getActiveTerm()

public getActiveTerm(): void

getActiveTerm returns an active search term for this widget instance.

public getName()

public getName(): string 

getName returns a value suitable for the field name property.

public init()

public init(): void

init the widget, called by the constructor and free from its parameters.

public onSubmit()

public onSubmit(): void

onSubmit search field

public prepareVars()

public prepareVars(): void

prepareVars for display

public render()

public render(): void

render the widget

public setActiveTerm()

public setActiveTerm($term): void

setActiveTerm for this widget instance.

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