Protected Properties

protected mixed $provider

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct($provider): void

public makeRelative()

public makeRelative($url): void

makeRelative converts a full URL to a relative URL

public toRelative()

public toRelative($url): void

toRelative makes a link relative if configuration asks for it

public toSigned()

public toSigned($url, $expiration = null, $absolute = true): void

toSigned signs a bare URL that can be validated with hasValidSignature

Protected Methods

protected availableAt()

protected availableAt(DateTimeInterface|\DateInterval|int $delay = 0): int 

Get the "available at" UNIX timestamp.

protected currentTime()

protected currentTime(): int 

Get the current system time as a UNIX timestamp.

protected parseDateInterval()

protected parseDateInterval(
    DateTimeInterface|\DateInterval|int $delay
): DateTimeInterface|int 

If the given value is an interval, convert it to a DateTime instance.

protected secondsUntil()

protected secondsUntil(DateTimeInterface|\DateInterval|int $delay): int 

Get the number of seconds until the given DateTime.