Public Methods

public loadContentObject()

public loadContentObject($name): Content|false 

loadContentObject loads content for rendering.

public loadPartialObject()

public loadPartialObject($name): Partial|false 

loadPartialObject loads a partial for rendering.

public renderComponent()

public renderComponent($name $name, array $parameters = []): string 

renderComponent renders a component's default content, preserves the previous component context.

public renderContent()

public renderContent(
    string $name,
    array $parameters = [],
    $throwException = true
): mixed 

renderContent renders a requested content file. The framework uses this method internally.

public renderPage()

public renderPage(): void

renderPage renders a requested page. The framework uses this method internally.

public renderPartial()

public renderPartial(
    string $name,
    array $parameters = [],
    bool $throwException = true
): mixed 

renderPartial renders a requested partial. The framework uses this method internally.

Protected Methods

protected renderLayoutContents()

protected renderLayoutContents(): void

protected renderPageContents()

protected renderPageContents(): void

renderPageContents with exception masking