NoteMaker makes notes as it does work.

Protected Properties

protected Illuminate\Console\OutputStyle $notesOutput

protected Illuminate\Console\Command $notesCommand

Public Methods

public getNotesCommand()

public getNotesCommand(): Illuminate\Console\Command|null 

getNotesOutput returns the note command object, if available.

public getNotesOutput()

public getNotesOutput(): Illuminate\Console\OutputStyle|null 

getNotesOutput returns the note output, used by command line.

public setNotesCommand()

public setNotesCommand(Illuminate\Console\Command $command): void

setNotesCommand sets the fully qualified command for writing notes.

public setNotesOutput()

public setNotesOutput(Illuminate\Console\OutputStyle $output): self 

setNotesOutput sets an output stream for writing notes.

Protected Methods

protected note()

protected note(string $message): self 

note writes a note event for the migrator.