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  • Twig_TokenParser


  • Twig_TokenParserInterface

Parser for the {% partial %} Twig tag.

{% partial "sidebar" %}

{% partial "sidebar" name='John' %}

{% partial "sidebar" name='John', year=2013 %}

Protected properties

There are no protected properties in the class.

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Inherited protected properties

  • protected Twig_Parser $parser - defined in Twig_TokenParser.

Public methods

public string getTag()

Gets the tag name associated with this token parser.

public TwigNode parse(TwigToken $token)

Parses a token and returns a node.

  • TwigToken $token - A TwigToken instance

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Inherited public methods

  • public void setParser($parser) - defined in Twig_TokenParser. Sets the parser associated with this token parser.