FormField definition is a translation of the form field configuration

  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Arrayable
  • ArrayAccess
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Jsonable
  • JsonSerializable

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct($config = [], $label = null): void

__construct using old and new interface

public getAttributes()

public getAttributes(string $position = 'field', $htmlBuild = true): array 

getAttributes returns the attributes for this field at a given position.

public getDefaultFromData()

public getDefaultFromData(mixed $data): mixed 

getDefaultFromData returns the default value for this field, the supplied data is used to source data when defaultFrom is specified.

public getDisplayValue()

public getDisplayValue($value): void

getDisplayValue checks to see if display values (model attributes) should be translated, and also escapes the value

public getId()

public getId(string $suffix = null): string 

getId returns a value suitable for the field id property.

public getName()

public getName(string $arrayName = null): string 

getName returns a value suitable for the field name property.

public getOptionsFromModel()

public getOptionsFromModel($model, $fieldOptions, $data): void

getOptionsFromModel looks at the model for defined options.

public getTranslatableMessage()

public getTranslatableMessage(): string 

public getValueFromData()

public getValueFromData(mixed $data, mixed $default = null): mixed 

getValueFromData returns this fields value from a supplied data set, which can be an array or a model or another generic collection.

public hasAttribute()

public hasAttribute(string $name, string $position = 'field'): bool 

hasAttribute checks if the field has the supplied [unfiltered] attribute.

public isSelected()

public isSelected(string $value = true): bool 

isSelected determines if the provided value matches this field's value.

public nearestModelAttribute()

public nearestModelAttribute($model, $attribute = null): void

nearestModelAttribute returns the nearest model and attribute name of a nested attribute, which is useful for checking if an attribute is jsonable or a relation.

public resolveModelAttribute()

public resolveModelAttribute(string $attribute, $attribute = null): array 

resolveModelAttribute returns the final model and attribute name of a nested attribute. Eg:

[$model, $attribute] = $this->resolveAttribute('person[phone]');

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Protected Methods

protected filterAttributes()

protected filterAttributes(
    array $attributes,
    string $position = 'field'
): array 

filterAttributes adds any circumstantial attributes to the field based on other settings, such as the 'disabled' option.

protected filterPresetAttributes()

protected filterPresetAttributes(
    array $attributes,
    string $position = 'field'
): array 

filterPresetAttributes adds attributes used specifically by the Input Preset API

protected filterTriggerAttributes()

protected filterTriggerAttributes(
    array $attributes,
    string $position = 'field'
): array 

filterTriggerAttributes adds attributes used specifically by the Trigger API

protected getFieldNameFromData()

protected getFieldNameFromData(
    string $fieldName,
    mixed $data,
    mixed $default = null
): mixed 

getFieldNameFromData is an internal method to extract the value of a field name from a data set.

protected getOptionsFromModelAsDefault()

protected getOptionsFromModelAsDefault($model, $data): void

getOptionsFromModelAsDefault refers to the model method or any of its behaviors

protected getOptionsFromModelAsString()

protected getOptionsFromModelAsString($model, $methodName, $data): void

getOptionsFromModelAsString where options are an explicit method reference

protected initDefaultValues()

protected initDefaultValues(): void

initDefaultValues for this field

protected objectMethodExists()

protected objectMethodExists(object $object, string $method): boolean 

objectMethodExists is an internal helper for method existence checks.

protected resolveModelAttributeInternal()

protected resolveModelAttributeInternal(
    $attribute = null,
    $options = []
): void

resolveModelAttributeInternal is an internal method resolver for resolveModelAttribute

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