Skin Base class Used for defining skins.

Public properties

public string $skinPath

The absolute path to this skin.

public string $publicSkinPath

The public path to this skin.

public string $defaultSkinPath

The default skin path, usually the root level of modules/backend.

public string $defaultPublicSkinPath

The default public skin path.

Public methods

public void __construct()


public static void getActive()

Returns the active skin.

public array getLayoutPaths()

Returns an array of paths where skin layouts can be found.

public string getPath(string $path=NULL, boolean $isPublic=false)

Looks up a path to a skin-based file, if it doesn't exist, the default path is used.

  • string $path
  • boolean $isPublic

public void skinDetails()

Returns information about this skin, including name and description.