Manages Editor extensions.

Protected Properties

protected array $extensionClassNames

extensionClassNames is a collection of registered extensions

protected array $extensions

extensions registered by this class

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(): void

__construct this class

public getExtensionByNamespace()

public getExtensionByNamespace($namespace): void

public static instance()

public static instance(): static 

instance creates a new instance of this singleton

public listExtensions()

public listExtensions(): void

listExtensions returns a collection of registered extension objects

public listJsFiles()

public listJsFiles(): void

public listVueComponents()

public listVueComponents(): void

public runCommand()

public runCommand($namespace, $command, $controller): void

Protected Methods

protected getExtension()

protected getExtension($className): void

getExtension will create and validate an extension object

protected makeExtension()

protected makeExtension($className): void

makeExtension will create an extension object from a class name

protected registerExtensions()

protected registerExtensions(): void

registerExtensions will build a collection of registered extensions