Market lace controller


Public Properties

public array $requiredPermissions

Permissions required to view this page.

public bool $turboVisitControl

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Protected Properties

protected System\Widgets\Changelog $changelogWidget

protected System\Widgets\Updater $updaterWidget

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(): void

public index()

public index($tab = null): void

index shows marketplace information

public onBrowsePackages()

public onBrowsePackages(): void

public onBrowseProject()

public onBrowseProject(): void

public onSearchProducts()

public onSearchProducts(): void

public onSelectProduct()

public onSelectProduct(): void

public plugin()

public plugin($urlCode = null, $tab = null): void

public theme()

public theme($urlCode = null, $tab = null): void

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Protected Methods

protected codeToSlug()

protected codeToSlug($code): string 

codeToSlug converts a product code to a slug RainLab.Blog -> rainlab-blog

protected slugToCode()

protected slugToCode($code): string 

slugToCode converts a slug to a product code rainlab-blog ->

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