Backend Helper

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Public Methods

public assetVersion()

public assetVersion(): string 

assetVersion returns a unique identifier to cache bust backend assets. A salted hash is used to prevent guessing of the current build number

public baseUrl()

public baseUrl($path = null): void

baseUrl returns the base backend URL

public date()

public date($dateTime, $options = []): string 

date is a proxy method for dateTime() using "date" format alias

public dateTime()

public dateTime($dateTime, $options = []): string 

dateTime returns the HTML for a date formatted in the backend

Supported for formatAlias: time -> 6:28 AM timeLong -> 6:28:01 AM date -> 04/23/2016 dateMin -> 4/23/2016 dateLong -> April 23, 2016 dateLongMin -> Apr 23, 2016 dateTime -> April 23, 2016 6:28 AM dateTimeMin -> Apr 23, 2016 6:28 AM dateTimeLong -> Saturday, April 23, 2016 6:28 AM dateTimeLongMin -> Sat, Apr 23, 2016 6:29 AM

public static makeCarbon()

public static makeCarbon($value, $throwException = true): Carbon\Carbon 

makeCarbon converts mixed inputs to a Carbon object and sets the backend timezone

public redirect()

public redirect($path, $status = 302, $headers = [], $secure = null): void

redirect creates a new redirect response to a given backend path

public redirectGuest()

public redirectGuest($path, $status = 302, $headers = [], $secure = null): void

redirectGuest creates a new backend redirect response, placing current URL in the session

public redirectIntended()

public redirectIntended($path, $status = 302, $headers = [], $secure = null): void

redirectIntended creates a new redirect response to the previously intended backend location

public sizeToPixels()

public sizeToPixels($size): int 

sizeToPixels converts a size name, e.g. large, small to a pixel size

public skinAsset()

public skinAsset($path = null): void

skinAsset returns a URL in context of the active Backend skin

public uri()

public uri(): string 

uri returns the backend URI segment

public url()

public url($path = null, $parameters = [], $secure = null): void

url returns a URL in context of the backend