Public Methods

public canUpdateProject()

public canUpdateProject(): bool 

canUpdateProject checks if composer is ready to access the gateway using authentication

public getComposerProjectKey()

public getComposerProjectKey(): string|null 

getComposerProjectKey returns the project key used by composer

public getProjectDetails()

public getProjectDetails(): object|null 

getProjectDetails returns the active project details

public getProjectKey()

public getProjectKey(): void

getProjectKey locates the project key from the file system and seeds the parameter

public requestBrowseProducts()

public requestBrowseProducts($type = null, $page = null): void

requestBrowseProducts will list available products

public requestBrowseProject()

public requestBrowseProject(): void

requestBrowseProject will list project details and cache it

public requestProjectDetails()

public requestProjectDetails($projectKey = null): array 

requestProjectDetails requests details about a project based on its identifier

public storeProjectDetails()

public storeProjectDetails($details): void

public syncProjectPackages()

public syncProjectPackages(): array 

syncProjectPackages compares installed packages to project packages