Protected Properties

protected array $originalHashableValues

List of original attribute values before they were hashed.

Public Methods

public addHashable()

public addHashable(array|string|null $attributes = null): $this 

addHashable adds an attribute to the hashable attributes list

public checkHashValue()

public checkHashValue(string $key, string $value): bool 

checkHashValue checks if the supplied plain value matches the stored hash value.

public getHashableAttributes()

public getHashableAttributes(): array 

getHashableAttributes returns a collection of fields that will be hashed.

public getOriginalHashValue()

public getOriginalHashValue($attribute): mixed 

getOriginalHashValue returns the original values of any hashed attributes.

public getOriginalHashValues()

public getOriginalHashValues(): array 

getOriginalHashValues returns the original values of any hashed attributes.

public initializeHashable()

public initializeHashable(): void

initializeHashable trait for a model.

public makeHashValue()

public makeHashValue(string $key, string $value): string 

makeHashValue hashes an attribute value and saves it in the original locker.