Index controller for the dashboard


Public Properties

public array $requiredPermissions

requiredPermissions to view this page.

See Also
  • [checkPermissionRedirect()](checkPermissionRedirect())

public bool $turboVisitControl

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Protected Properties

There are no protected properties in the class.

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(): void

__construct the controller

public actionVueDashIndex()

public actionVueDashIndex(): void

public export()

public export($dashboard): void

export dashboard action

public index()

public index(): void

index controller action

public index_onInitReportContainer()

public index_onInitReportContainer(): void

public onCreateDashboard()

public onCreateDashboard(): void

onCreateDashboard handler

public onDeleteDashboard()

public onDeleteDashboard(): void

onDeleteDashboard handler

public onGetWidgetCustomData()

public onGetWidgetCustomData(): void

public onGetWidgetData()

public onGetWidgetData(): void

public onInspectableGetOptions()

public onInspectableGetOptions(): void

public onRunCustomWidgetHandler()

public onRunCustomWidgetHandler(): void

onRunCustomWidgetHandler handler

public onRunDataSourceHandler()

public onRunDataSourceHandler(): void

onRunDataSourceHandler handler

public onSaveDashboard()

public onSaveDashboard(): void

onSaveDashboard handler

public onUpdateDashboardConfig()

public onUpdateDashboardConfig(): void

onUpdateDashboardConfig handler

public onUploadDashboard()

public onUploadDashboard(): void


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Protected Methods

protected checkPermissionRedirect()

protected checkPermissionRedirect(): void

checkPermissionRedirect custom permissions check that will redirect to the next available menu item, if permission to this page is denied.

protected getUserDashboardList()

protected getUserDashboardList(): void

protected initReportContainer()

protected initReportContainer(): void 

initReportContainer prepares the report widget used by the dashboard

protected loadGlobalInspectorConfigs()

protected loadGlobalInspectorConfigs(): void

protected loadInitialState()

protected loadInitialState($dashboards): void

loadInitialState for the dashboards

protected usingVueDashboard()

protected usingVueDashboard(): bool 

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