SluggableTree trait creates structured slugs, called full slugs. Calculating full slugs must be performed externally since it involves expensive lookups. The model is assumed to have two relations defined: parent, children.

Public Methods

public fullSlugAttributes()

public fullSlugAttributes(): void 

fullSlugAttributes calculates full slugs for this model and all other related ones

public getFullSluggableFullSlugColumnName()

public getFullSluggableFullSlugColumnName(): string 

getFullSluggableFullSlugColumnName gets the name of the "fullslug" column.

public getFullSluggableSlugColumnName()

public getFullSluggableSlugColumnName(): string 

getFullSluggableSlugColumnName gets the name of the "slug" column.

Protected Methods

protected getFullSluggableAttributeValue()

protected getFullSluggableAttributeValue($model, $fullslug = ''): void

protected setFullSluggedValue()

protected setFullSluggedValue($model): void

setFullSluggedValue will set the fullslug value on a model