HasFilterWidgets concern

Protected Properties

protected array $filterWidgets

filterWidgets collection of all filter widgets used in this filter.

protected Backend\Classes\WidgetManager $widgetManager

Public Methods

public getFilterWidget()

public getFilterWidget(string $scope): void

getFilterWidget returns a specified filter widget

public getFilterWidgets()

public getFilterWidgets(): array 

getFilterWidgets for the instance

public makeFilterWidget()

public makeFilterWidget(
    string $class,
    mixed $scopeConfig = [],
    array $widgetConfig = []
): Backend\Classes\FilterWidgetBase 

makeFilterWidget object with the supplied filter scope and widget configuration.

public nameToId()

public nameToId($input $input): string 

nameToId is a helper method to convert a field name to a valid ID attribute

Protected Methods

protected initFilterWidgetsConcern()

protected initFilterWidgetsConcern(): void

protected isFilterWidget()

protected isFilterWidget($scopeType): bool 

isFilterWidget checks if a field type is a widget or not

protected makeFilterScopeWidget()

protected makeFilterScopeWidget($scope): Backend\Classes\FilterWidgetBase|null 

makeFilterScopeWidget object from a filter field object