FieldProcessor concern

Protected Methods

protected processAutoOrder()

protected processAutoOrder($tabs): void

processAutoOrder applies a default sort order to all fields

protected processAutoSpan()

protected processAutoSpan($tabs): void

processAutoSpan converts fields with a span set to 'auto' as either 'left' or 'right' depending on the previous field.

protected processFieldOptionValues()

protected processFieldOptionValues($fields): void

processFieldOptionValues sets the callback for retrieving options from fields that specifically require it

protected processFormWidgetFields()

protected processFormWidgetFields($fields): void

processFormWidgetFields will mutate fields types that are registered as widgets, convert their type to 'widget' and internally allocate the widget object

protected processPermissionCheck()

protected processPermissionCheck($fields): void

processPermissionCheck check if user has permissions to show the field and removes it if permission is denied

protected processRequiredAttributes()

protected processRequiredAttributes($fields): void

processRequiredAttributes will set the required flag based on the model preference

protected processTranslatableAttributes()

protected processTranslatableAttributes($fields): void

processTranslatableAttributes will set the translatable flag based on the model preference

protected processValidationAttributes()

protected processValidationAttributes($fields): void

processValidationAttributes applies the field name to the validation engine